Investing in Arizona Real Estate

Denise Pias, the ‘Arizona Real Estate Guru’ and her team of professionals have assisted hundreds of investor clients and are ready to assist you with your Arizona real estate investments.  With CCIM training and a great understanding of key elements pertinent to investors needs, Denise is committed to offering a professional, responsive and unsurpassed service. Specializing in residential, our team is able to quickly identify properties that would be good performance possibilities for fix & flip, residential rentals/long term & seasonal vacation rental properties.  Our new state-of-the-art secure Property Management software/site assists in extreme efficiency of processing rental applications, providing a central hub for tenants/guests payments and to report any needed repairs/attention; and a secure portal for you, the investor to see your returns on your properties. Considering converting your home to a rental or purchasing an investment property?  Contact Denise today to discuss your options.

6 Ways to Capitalize in the Arizona Real Estate Market:

1. Seasonal Rentals

One investment that most investors don’t think about is the seasonal vacation rental. This investment strategy takes a little more capital initially but has high returns with little vacancy issues. We specialize in a more resort style seasonal rentals; catering to the snowbirds, corporate guests, displaced homeowners after selling their home; awaiting for their purchase to close, and due to fire or disaster. With over 300,000 winter visitors flocking to the Phoenix metro area each year, this is a viable option with great returns and can provide the visiting investor a place to enjoy while in town.

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2. Buy and Hold Residential Rentals

Residential single-family properties can be an incredible option for those looking for a real estate investing strategy that is easy to understand, get started in and can provide ongoing passive income. Many of our clients choose this traditional avenue of Real Estate investing. With low interest rates and rising rental rates, you are bound to make a monthly profit. Long term or medium investment strategies would have the tenants pay the mortgage down while the market rises, gaining equity long term. We have great experience in Multi-family dwelling transactions, finding multiple unit properties for those seeking something along this level. Some investors choose to live in one unit, renting out the others to supplement their mortgage payments; while others may feel a sense of security that if there is a vacancy in one unit that the other units most likely will remain full, limiting vacancy loss. Residential financing can be utilized in properties with 4 and under units on one parcel of land, making resale of these properties more attractive for a future buyer.

3. Fixing & Flipping Houses

Fixing and flipping houses continues to be one of the favorite real estate investing strategies. Beyond the huge potential profits, it can also be a lot of fun and hugely rewarding in many other ways. Get in, flex your design muscles, revitalize communities and be compensated well for your work. We have assisted many investors in finding these properties and have worked with them, advising as to what the market will bear, sharing current trends and marketing the property and getting it sold promptly upon completion; lessening carrying costs


4. Building & Developing

Building and developing is picking up and gaining a lot of traction. From the construction of single-family rentals to apartment buildings, there are plenty of options in this particular niche. Of course, while exciting, it can also be a little riskier and financially demanding than other options. The Phoenix metro is experiencing great revitalization and a need for urban type housing and mixed use products in the downtown historic locations.


5. Commercial Real Estate

Others that want to go big, but who aren’t big on speculating with their investment dollars, may choose some form of commercial real estate investing. Choose from industrial to office, multifamily apartments (5 units & more) and retail. While not for everyone, it can provide regular income from rents and wealth building at the same time. As a note, commercial tenants tend to sign longer term leases, while housing tenants tend to stay shorter term. Many options in this category exist, with some companies looking to sell off their buildings to an investor and stay as tenants in their existing space to provide the seller/tenant capital.

6. Private Lending / Mortgage Notes

Those with the necessary capital, but don’t want any of the hassle and headache associated with hands on management, can investigate buying mortgage notes or lending their money to others. With this strategy, others will be doing the heavy lifting for you. This category opens quite a bit of options; financing your own sales, which can net you great returns and higher sales prices. We have many contacts that purchase these in demand notes for when and if you decide to sell the note. This investment avenue can be utilized in conjunction with Fix & Flips, Building & Developing, and selling Real Estate to maximize your return potential.

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